Adding a Goal

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Goals are a great way to start taking steps toward your vision. To add a goal on LifeCourseOnline, follow these steps:

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To Add a Goal:

1. Login to your LifeCourseOnline account

Login to LifeCourseOnline at 




2. Enter the profile you would like to add a goal to



2. Select the “Goals” activity from the left navigation panel on the dashboard

This will take you to the Goals page




3. Click “Add a Goal” at the top right of the Goals page


4. Enter a Description, Review Date, and select a Life Domain

Create a description/name for your goal, set a date to come back and review the goal on, and select a Life Domain that corresponds to your goal



5. Select who will help complete this goal

Select the team members that will contribute to this goal. Any Users that are selected will have access to the goal



6. Create a spectrum of success

Define what minimum success, expected success, and exceeding expectations would look like for this goal



7. (Optional) Add tasks to your goal

Optionally, you can break down your goal into tasks to help you track progress




8. Click “Create Goal”

Doing this will create the goal, and you will now be able to see it in your list of goals






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