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  1. To sign up for LifeCourseOnline, start by going to

  1. In the Upper Right-Hand Corner, select “SIGN UP.”

  1. Select your account type:

a. Account Manager means that you are creating and managing a LifeCourse account on behalf of someone else.

b. Individual means that you are creating and managing a LifeCourse account on behalf of yourself.

     4. Then, enter the email address you would like to use to login and receive notifications about your LifeCourseOnline account at. You’ll also be asked to enter a password:

  1. You will then need to complete the Personal Information section, starting with the First and Last name of the individual being supported by LifeCourseOnline:


  1. Next, you’ll be asked to add an email. This will be the email the individual being supported by LifeCourseOnline can use, if they wish, to log in to their account:

  1. You will then be asked to add the Date of Birth of the individual being supported by LifeCourseOnline. If you selected “Account Manager” during the initial set up, you will not be entering your date of birth here.

You can select a month and year from the drop-down windows. Press Apply once a date has been selected to confirm your selection.


  1. Add in an image of the person being supported by LifeCourseOnline. Note that this is optional.


  1. Select the Life Stage the individual is looking to plan in. As noted, this is not necessarily the life stage you/they are currently in, but the one they are looking to plan in. You can always plan for a future life stage!

  1. You’ll then briefly be asked some portfolio questions about yourself (if you selected an individual account type)/the individual you’re supporting (if you’re an account manager):

  1. Once you have completed your portfolio questions, go ahead and select “Save and Continue” as shown:


  1. You will then be taken to the billing screen, where you can enter in the organization code provided to you:



  1. Once you’ve entered in your code, select “Submit Payment” as shown:


  1. Congratulations, you have created your LifeCourseOnline account! 


For LifeCourseOnline technical questions, contact:








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