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The Integrated Support Star principle and tool can be used by anyone (individuals, families, or professionals) to guide their thinking about supports. It can be used for mapping current services and supports, problem-solving for a specific need, or planning the next steps. The star can help explore current needs, identify gaps, or plan how to access supports for the future. 


The Integrated Supports Star is a tool to help families and individuals think about how to work in partnership to support their vision for a good life. Each arm of the star represents the individual's supports in different areas. 


Personal Strengths and Assets 

Skills, personal abilities, knowledge or life experiences, strengths, things a person is good at or others like and admire about them, assets (personal belongings and resources). 



Personal technology anyone uses, assistive or adaptive technology to help with day to day tasks, environmental technology designed to help with or adapt surroundings. 



Family and others that love and care about each other, friends that spend time together or have things in common, acquaintances that come into frequent contact but don’t know each other very well. 


Community Resources 

Places such as businesses, parks, schools, faith-based communities, health care facilities, groups or membership organizations, local services or public resources that everyone uses. 


Eligibility Based Supports 

Needs-based services (based on age, geography, income level, or employment status), government-paid services based on disability or diagnosis. 


Here are some examples of  things to consider when filling out your support star: 


To complete/edit your Support Stars in the LifeCourse Charting Session, follow these steps: 

1. In the LifeCourse Charting Session, click on “Support Stars” 

If you need to brush up on each part of the Support Star, feel free to read the descriptions and watch the videos 

2. Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page to move onto the Support Star for your first domain 

3. You can add a support under each portion of the Star by typing your support in the text boxes, to add another one, simply press “Add Another Support” 

For the relationships portion of the Star, your Team Members will be brought in and you can select them as supports, you can also add custom supporters using the text box. 

4. Click “Save & Continue at the bottom of the page to save your Star and continue to the next until you have gone through them all

Remember that you can fill everything out at your own pace; you can choose to either fill out all the Stars now or come back to some of them later!





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